Best Scuba Wetsuit in 2021

diving wetsuit reviewsWhen you go scuba diving you’re not only exposed to cold water, but also to things that can cut, sting or scrape your skin. As you do some scuba diving in various temperature waters, you can choose from getting one of the best rated scuba wetsuits, a dry suit or a body suit.

Wet suits are called like that because you still get wet when wearing them. Your body warms up the thin layer of water that gets in and this is how you get insulated from the colder water around. You choose the thickness of your wetsuit depending on the water temperature of the place where you plan to scuba dive.

A little know how on scuba wetsuits

The closed-cell neoprene with large bubbles that is used in wetsuits gives the good insulation of the suit. Typically, the neoprene is coated or lined with fabric, hence the warmth provided. Additionally, it may be sprayed on for more strength, color and easier sliding on. Bare neoprene doesn’t slide on that easily, but it lowers the water circulation inside the suit.

If you read through scuba wetsuit reviews they sure tell us something about how thick your wetsuit should be. You can get wetsuits as thin as 1mm and up to 9mm thick, but the regular thickness is 3mm for warm water, 5mm for the temperate water and 7mm for the cold water.

We can’t really talk about style when we talk about wetsuits, but more about types instead. Shorties are one-piece suits and, as the name says it, they feature short sleeves and are thigh/knee high.

The full body suits (also known as jumpers or steamers) cover your arms and legs entirely. You can put them on easier as they have a long zipper in front or on the back. They may be thinner or thicker, depending on the water temperature of your dive.

If none of these types “suits” you, you can go with a two-piece wet suit which gives you more versatility and options for wearing.

Your scuba wet suit may have a hood that stops the water flowing into your wetsuit collar when you dive. Your wetsuit may stop the water from going inside if it also features ankle and wrist seals.

Water flow in the wetsuit can be minimized also by a spine pad that fills in the channel of your spine.

Some of your body parts may get better protection, as some wetsuits come with lumber or kidney pads to protect your lower back. The same goes for the knees since knees pad are quite common in wetsuits, just as are the elbow pads. Some wetsuits come with anti-abrasion material on the shoulders and on the seat.

The pre-shaped arms and legs (bent knees and elbows) mean also more comfort and they give you some freedom on the move as neoprene tends to stretch.

It’s also a good thing to have some pockets on your wetsuits so you can carry slates or keys. Typically, the pockets are placed on the calves or arms of a wetsuit and some also come with interior key pockets.

As for being gender specific, many of the wetsuits come in a men’s and women’s version so, for a better fit, try to find one especially for you, man or woman. None of the best women’s wetsuit reviews don’t encourage wearing a wetsuit for men, as good as it may be.

Keep in mind that not all wetsuits are good for scuba as some tend to compress when at depth. Buoyancy is also something to consider, so find a wetsuit designed for scuba as the one you’re using surfing might not be good for scuba.

Choose the right size for your scuba wetsuit and don’t go for anything less. A scuba diving wetsuit gives you a snug fit and double check the three important heat loss areas (inner thighs, under arms and head and neck). Any loose fit in these areas is not a good thing to have, as you will collect water in there.

Almost there

All the features that count the most have a say in the price of your scuba wetsuit: thickness, stitching and the extra features. The price starts a little under a $100 and may go up to $400 for a 7mm thick wetsuit.

What is the best scuba wetsuit for you? No matter the budget, try to keep in mind that warmth, comfort and fit should be the most important things to consider. Try not to settle for a lower priced wetsuit if it doesn’t give you anything of the above, apart from the good price. If you get cold when scuba diving, you might catch a cold and… spend more money on treatment. Mind you, where’s the good in that?

Top 5 best scuba diving wetsuit reviews

1. NeoSport Wetsuits Full Body Sports Skins

The NeoSport Wetsuits Full Body Sports Skins is designed for divers and offers UV protection, but also against sea lice, jellies or other biological irritants.

The long front zip makes it really easy to put on/take off the wetsuit, whereas the foot stirrups make sure the suit doesn’t ride up the legs.

The suit is also efficient on warming up your body. It gives a snug fit, comfortable all the way. There is a naturally form-fitting on the suit that minimizes the water to drag in, but giving full-body coverage at the same time.

You can actually wear the suit as a base layer as it gives you more warmth and it eases when you slip into your neoprene suit. Don’t worry about adding weight on your body, as the suit is lightweight and rather thin. On a plus, it doesn’t add buoyancy so you can dive freely.

Despite its sung fit, the suit is flexible and gives you freedom when swimming/diving.

The suit is easy to take care of and washes very well.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The suit gives a snug, yet cozy fit
  • The suit is easy to put on/take off
  • The suit is easy to take care and washes very well
  • The suit keeps you warm and protected by UV and sea lice, jellies or other biological irritants

There are some parts we like less:

  • The suit is not actually a wetsuit
  • The suit is not very long lasting
  • Some consider the suit to be running kind of small

All in all, for the little money that you pay, the suit is a good option when scuba diving as it keeps you warm, protects you in many ways and gives the snug fit and flexibility you look for in a wetsuit.

2. O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit

When we talk about O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit, there are many good things we need to mention.

The wetsuit is a single super seal neck that not only gives the right fit, but also the right amount of warmth for the moderate temperature waters and the right amount of freedom for scuba diving.

The flatlock construction of wetsuit means there is no seam allowance with the layers folding to the underside. This gives a better sealing and more comfort, for sure.

We talked about how wetsuits are supposed to give better protection for some body parts and the O’Neil does this. The Krypto Knee Padz brings comfort to the knees and ensure more durability as this zone is highly exposed to tearing due to the excess movement. The strategic paddle zones add to this ability of the wetsuit to provide comfort and enhance durability just as well.

The wetsuit gives a snug, yet cozy, fit, just the way a good wetsuit is supposed to give. There are no scratchy parts and the tight doesn’t lower the flexibility of the suit and you can move freely when wearing it.

The wetsuit is tight around wrists and ankles, which helps with the sealing and water doesn’t go inside the suit like this.

The quality of the suit is very good and so is the built.

The wetsuit is able to provide enough warmth, which makes it a good choice for the moderately cold waters.

Even though style is not highly important in wetsuits, we need to mention the nice appearance of the O’Neil Wetsuit 3/2mm.

Let’s pinpoint the most valuable pros:

  • The wetsuit gives a tight, yet cozy fit
  • The wetsuit is flexible enough
  • The wetsuit is tight around ankles and wrists for better sealing
  • There are numerous padded zones for more comfort and protection of the body parts

On the other side, there are also some minor issues that count as cons:

  • You need some time to get used to the tight fit, but this is a general comment when it comes to the wetsuits. If they’re not tight enough, water can get inside
  • The wetsuit is not very warm for the cold water

All in all, as it gives enough comfort, warmth, flexibility, the wetsuit is a valid option for the scuba diving in the not so cold waters, with an amazing price.

3. Seavenger 3mm tropical shorty for watersport

Even though the Seavenger 3mm suits are designed especially for the tropical waters, this doesn’t mean they can’t give you enough warm in the not so warm waters just as well. The Seavenger 3mm tropical shorty for watersport come gender specific and make a great choice for diving, snorkeling and all kinds of water sports.

The shorties are made of Nylon which means not only they give a super-stretchy comfort, but also a snug fit that is no less comfortable. On a plus, the wetsuits are lightweight and flexible, giving you the freedom you want to have when scuba diving, for instance.

The shorties are easy to put on/take off as they feature a very long, reliable and long lasting #10YKK zipper. The zipper is also easy to reach so no worries on that part.

As in many good quality wetsuits, the Seavenger 3mm shorties are also made with flatlock stitching throughout. This means less seam irritation, a cozy wear and more durability for the wetsuits just as well. They are readier to take the heavy use with this kind of build.

Some features of the wetsuits stand out as it is the very stretch armpit panels that not only give freedom when moving, but are also comfortable. They sustain the heavy wear with minimum risk for tearing.

The wetsuit has an anatomic build, with form-fitting panels, with minimum water flowing. The adjustable arms and the adjustable Velcro let you customize the shorty just the way you want and need, for the perfect fit.

The shorties run true to size, but you need to pay attention to the size guide.

Let’s sum it all up and list the most important pros:

  • The shorties come gender specific designed
  • They go great for various water sports in tropical waters, but keep you warm enough in the colder ones
  • The adjustable arms and the adjustable Velcro give you the chance for the perfect fit
  • The wetsuits are tight, but also flexible

Along with the good things, come the not-so-good ones, so there are our cons:

  • Some say the fit is for the tall and slim women
  • Some say the crutch area is too long in the men’s shorties
  • Some would have liked the zipper to be in front, and not in the back

As they are versatile, warm flexible and with many useful features, the wetsuits make a great choice for shorties when scuba diving.

4. O’Neill Men’s 7mm Dive Wetsuit

For scuba diving in the really cold waters, the O’Neill 7mm Men’s Dive Wetsuit gives you just the right amount of warmth that you need.

The J-Type form of the wetsuit makes it great for sealing out all the water, while keeping all the warmth inside. The fluid seam give comfort when wearing the wetsuit.

A nice and highly important feature of the wetsuit is the Firewall hood which gives a perfect seal, without sacrificing on comfort.

When we take a closer look to the wetsuit, we see that everything about it is related to tight sealing in a cozy way.

The arms and legs are made with Ultraflex DS which means you can move quite freely in the wetsuit. As for the stitch less double fluid seam weld, which means the wetsuit is ready for the heavy duty use, giving you comfort just as well.

The Code red zipper seems like a natural choice as it’s durable and tough. The wetsuit gives warmth thanks to the 12-mm core insulation and the J-type entry/closure preserves this warmth.

The design of the wetsuit is very well thought out and the full torso firewall insulation envelope sustains this. The D-Tox kneepads, the glide skin Oaring cuffs, the super seal neck- they all relate to the ability of the wetsuit to be 100% sealed and keep you very warm and comfortable even in the 5 C –degrees water.

The wetsuit manages to be warm without being heavy weight. As in matter of fact, it takes a lot of weight to become negatively buoyant.

Let’s list some of the main pros:

  • The wetsuit is 100% sealed
  • The wetsuit keeps you warm even in the 5-degrees C waters
  • The wetsuit gives a tight, cozy fit
  • There are many features that make the wetsuit great for scuba diving in the cold waters

As much as we’d like the wetsuit, there are some minor cons that we just have to state:

  • It’s a bit difficult to get in/out of the wetsuit
  • The Velcro make it challenging as it grabs on anything inside

For the perfect seal and warmth that it gives, this wetsuit is sure worth every single penny.

5. NeoSport Wetsuits Women’s XSPAN

The NeoSport Wetsuits Women’s XSPAN is a full jumpsuit that is ready to take women who love scuba diving (and all kids of water sports just as well) in the cold waters.

The wetsuit is made of XSPan, which brings a tight fit, yet flexible. As in matter of fact, the wetsuit is tight in all the right places (ankles, wrists, neck), increasing the sealing, without making it any less comfortable to move.

There are many features in the full jumpsuit that mean cozy wear, like the knee pads. They are multi thermal bonded knee pads that mean the jumpsuit is made for the long, heavy run. The rolled edges, adjustable collar, key pocket, zipper flaps and anatomical fit arms and legs-they all give a comfortable, sealed wetsuit. We also need to mention the blind stitches that minimize the risk for tearing and keep it all cozy for you.

The jumpsuit is not difficult to put on/take off (not more than other full jumpsuits anyway) and the #10K zippers sure make it easier. On a plus, the zippers are tough and long lasting.

Even though the full jumpsuit is 5mm thick, giving you warmth when scuba diving in cold waters, this doesn’t mean the wetsuit is not also lightweight, soft and flexible.

Now let’s line up the most important pros:

  • The full jumpsuit gives a cozy, tight fit
  • There are many features that make the wetsuit sealed, flexible and warm in the cold waters
  • The wetsuit is cozy
  • The wetsuit is ready to take the heavy use

As for the cons, there are only few:

  • Some say the sizing isn’t quite accurate
  • Some would have liked the wetsuit to be tighter
  • It’s a bit challenging to put it on, but…isn’t every full wetsuit like that?

So, if you are a woman who likes scuba diving in colder waters, the wetsuit from NeoSport is a good buy anytime.


Best Scuba Wetsuit 3mm

When you’re looking for scuba wetsuit that is both thick enough to keep you warm in colder waters, but also flexible enough to give you freedom on the move, a good and reliable choice is the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Back Zip 4/3 GB Wetsuit.

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol is made of neoprene, which ensures good, stretch fit, yet comfortable. The Freeflex neoprene stays tight on your body, but it’s stretchy enough to let you feel cozy and able to move just the way you want.

The Flash Lining on the chest area is a great feature. The wetsuit has glued and blind stitched sealed seams which makes it able to keep warmth inside and not to let any water inside the wetsuit at the same time. Additionally, the blind stitched seams give no itchy feeling when wearing the wetsuit.

The Hydro-Lock collar means the wetsuit gives a good seal in the neck area, keeping water from entering.

The wetsuit has a long zip on the back which helps when putting on the wetsuit.

The wetsuit has a good weight and gives you flexibility. The scuba wetsuit is made of good quality materials and seems to be long lasting. It’s soft, yet stretchy and dries fast.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The wetsuit is made of Freeflex neoprene
  • The wetsuit is stretchy, yet flexible
  • The Flash lining chest is a nice feature
  • The wetsuit dries fast, is comfortable and lightweight

On the other hand, there are few minor issues to mention:

  • The zip needs to be of better quality
  • It’s a bit difficult to put on the wetsuit, but this is a common thing for overall wetsuits

All in all, for the money you pay, you get a scuba wetsuit that keeps you warm in mild cold water and comfortable all the way.

Best Scuba Wetsuit 7mm

When you go scuba diving in the cold waters, you don’t want only a warm wetsuit, but also one that gives good flexibility just as well. The Bare 7mm Elastek Full Suit Men’s Wetsuit is made 100% of Elastek Super-Stretch that gives a snug, stretch fit, supposedly even twice more than the regular neoprene.

The Elastek uses the newest in neoprene laminates to give unlimited freedom on the move, while remaining tight on the body also. the full-stretch neoprene laminates ensure great flexibility, yet remaining soft, with a subtle feel against your skin.

The wetsuit features knee pads for better grip but also longer lifespan of the wetsuit. The neck seal features an adjustable comfort collar and not only keeps water away from entering, but also keeps warmth inside.

The wetsuit is easy to put on as it also features glide material on wrists, ankles and neck.

The sizing is great for the wetsuit and it’s impossible not to find just the right size for you. The wetsuit is long and the upper body and mid region give a snug fit. The wetsuit keeps you warm, maybe too warm in some situations.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The wetsuit is made of Elastek, which is both stretchy and flexible
  • The wetsuit keeps you comfortable and warm
  • It’s easy to put on the wetsuit thanks to the glide material on the wrists, ankles and neck
  • The wetsuit features kneepads, neck seal for durability and better sealing

As for the cons, there are only few:

  • The wetsuit feels a bit loose in the calf/shin area
  • You can get a bit confused when checking the sizing chart, but it’s only for your own good

So, for the scuba diving in the cold waters, the Bare 7mm is a great a buy and a warm, cozy option.


Best Scuba Wetsuit Brands

One of the most popular brands out there when we talk about scuba wetsuits is O’Neil. O’Neil seems to have been finding the key when it comes to good wetsuits, as they are not only comfortable, stretchy, but also flexible and long lasting.

A good example to confirm all that is the O’Neill Psychofreak Men’s Wetsuit 4/3mm ZEN Zip SSW. The wetsuit is made of neoprene and it features TechnoButter 2 Firewall neoprene in the body and legs and TechnoButter 2 Air Firewall neoprene in the chest in back panels. This neoprene is 20% lighter and has 30% less water absorption. It’s also longer lasting and it dries very fast.

You don’t to worry about the durability of the wetsuit as it’s made with Double SuperSeam weld- watertight stitch less technology. This means there is 60% lighter, thinner silicone-based urethane seal and that it’s applied to both sides, giving a triple glued seam.

The super seal cuffs mean there’s no water coming through either. The Patented Z.E.N zip closure system with drain hole is highly efficient also.

The wetsuit is made with the lightest firewall so it brings comfort in a light way. The wetsuit dries very fast and it’s ready in no time.

The Super Seal neck and cuffs also mean a low profile design on the wetsuit, whereas the well-thought paddle zones bring more comfort. The wetsuit has a limited entry system and the pullover internal seal keeps water away, for warmer inside. If any water penetrates the suit, the zip is blocked by the Barrier-2 and forced out the drain hole. The floating zipper Panel is flexible and easy-entry fit and also patent-pending. The rear drain hole guides out any water that enters also.

The wetsuit is 4/3mm thick and keeps you warm enough in cold waters and the back zip design makes it easier to put it on. You can also store some important items thanks to the external key pocket with loop.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The wetsuit is made with neoprene that dries fast and is stretchy
  • The wetsuit gives the perfect fit
  • The seamless stitches are long lasting and cozy
  • There is no water coming inside the wetsuit

When it comes to the cons, we only need to mention that the wetsuit could be lighter than it is now.

Sealing any water and having many features that create this comfortable, stretchy wetsuit, the O’Neil sure stands out from other brands with its products.


Best Entry Level Scuba Wetsuit 

If you’re new to scuba diving, you need not to stress so much on the performances of your wetsuits, but you should enjoy more the scuba diving itself. You just need to be comfortable and warm enough. The Scubapro OneFlex Steamer 5mm Men’s Wetsuit fits the needs of any new beginner in scuba diving as it keeps you warm, dry and cozy.

The wetsuit is 5mm thick and provides enough warmth for the cold water and it’s designed for heavy use and great functionality. The wetsuit is made of X-Foam nylon II neoprene rubber with a tough nylon lining and anti-abrasion material on the knees. The wetsuit is for the all-yearlong use and it’s for the entry level.

The wetsuit is strong, yet stretchable and gives you freedom when scuba diving. The seams are glued and sewn for more power and warmth on the wetsuit.

It’s rather easy to put on/take off the wetsuit thanks to the back zipper with dam that minimizes the water exchange and zipper tab leash. The legs and arms are pre-bent and lower tiredness, whereas the Power Flex is applied on the seat and shoulders. The Power Flex is an abrasion resistant fabric and increases the durability of the wetsuit.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The wetsuit is designed for all year long uses and for the new entry level
  • The wetsuit is 5 mm thick and keeps you comfort
  • The wetsuit is comfortable and flexible
  • The wetsuit gives a great fit

As for the cons, there are only two main issues:

  • The wetsuit is a bit big in the mid-section
  • The wetsuit stores water at times

All in all, if you are a beginner when scuba diving, the Scuba One Flex is a good suit to start with.


Best Scuba Wetsuit for The Money 

Designed to give great comfort for all water sports, the U.S. Divers Full Adult Wetsuit gives great reliability as it keeps you warm, cozy and dry no matter what you do.

The full-size wetsuit has 3mm chest panels and 2 mm side panels, whereas the titanium-blend chest panels reflect the heat back to your body, for a warmer feeling.

The wetsuit features super-stretch panel under each arm but also flat-lock stitching for more comfort. The Neoskin seals are placed on neck, legs and wrists and keep water away from the inside. The wetsuit is well sealed thanks to its heavy duty, corrosion-free #10 YKK zipper on the back also, with pull chord and double-tap hook and loop tie down for best seal.

When it comes to features that ensure durability, we need to mention also the anti-abrasion knee pads that lower the risk of rubbing and scraping.

The wetsuit is lightweight, flexible and has a nice look due to its different stitching also.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The wetsuit keeps water away and seals in the warmth
  • The wetsuit is comfortable and warm
  • The quality of the materials is good for the money
  • The wetsuit has many features that increase its value

As for the cons, there are some minor things:

  • The upper part is a bit small
  • The neck opening is also rather small

All in all, for the money you pay, the wetsuit is a good buy as it’s not only cozy, warm and flexible, but also durable and reliable.


Best Mens Scuba Wetsuit 

One of the best option for men when scuba diving is the O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 4/3 mm Epic Full Suit. The materials, the well thought-out design, the features recommend the wetsuit for men that scuba dive.

The wetsuit is made of Ultraflex neoprene that not only gives a snug fit, but also a comfortable feel, keeping you warm and light when scuba diving.

The Krypto Knee pads ensure the durability of the wetsuit, just as the blind stitched seams do. On the other hand, the glued seams are also keeping warmth inside and water away from the inside. The double super seal neck lowers the chances for the water to enter, without letting warmth escape.

The wetsuit is easy to put on/take off thanks to its heavy duty zipper. The zipper is also glued and has a covert construction, not letting the water go through either.

The LSD (lumbar seamless design) design of the suit brings comfort, whereas the clean graphics and sharp style lines add up to its value. The Velcro Closure is efficient and the external key pocket with loop is always useful. The seamless paddles zones are well placed and the blackout zipper comes with offset teeth and is interlocking.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The wetsuit gives a tight, yet flexible fit
  • The wetsuit is thick and is warm
  • The wetsuit is designed to take the heavy use
  • The wetsuit is easy to put on/take off

As for the parts we like less, there are only some minor issues:

  • The closure of the neck with hook and loops is a bit weird
  • The Velcro might give you some challenges at times
  • The wetsuit is a tad tight in the chest and shoulders areas

For the money you pay though, you get a comfortable, warm, flexible and tight wetsuit ready to take the heavy use.