Best Gopro Accessories for Scuba Diving in 2021

So you took the plunge and… scuba diving is your thing nowadays. With each dive you become more passionate about it, more excited and want to share what you see underwater with your friends. But they’re not doing scuba diving (just yet) and you feel such a shame for not being able to share with them the beautiful things you see underwater.

Long story short and a few dollars spent, you get yourself a GoPro video camera and feel ready to take a new dive. But… how does a GoPro work anyway???

The ABC on GoPro

GoPro video cameras are more and more popular these days as they are able to capture the fleeting moments underwater. GoPro scuba gear reviews let us know about the selfie poles, the housing mounts, the handles, the trigger grips, the pole cams, the mask mounts, the spear gun mounts and… the list of accessories seems endless.

You can shoot a video with your GoPro almost the minute you get it out of the box. More exactly, right after you charge the battery- simply insert the battery into the camera and then connect the camera to a USB plug with the cable that comes with it. If this suits you better, you can always buy a GoPro dual battery charger.

After the camera is fully charged, you need to insert it into the housing carefully, so that no hair, lint, dust, sand or any debris is on the housing’s white O-ring on the back cover. The housing may flood and drown the camera if the seal is dirty!

Various models of the GoPro have different buttons or ways to turn them on so we’re not getting into that.

As for the resolution you need to use, there are also various options. Some have a default resolution of 1080p and the more experienced divers choose 60fps frame rates in order to slow them down in post processing for nice slow motion scenes.

The higher the resolution and the framerate, the more demand you place on your PC for later editing. You might have the nasty surprise that your 4K video can’t be played by your laptop as it doesn’t have the processing power to work with the footage.

Which accessories count the most for your GoPro when scuba diving?

You can use filters when you use a GoPro underwater in order to bring the red light back into the picture, giving more color and contrast for the image. Red filters are give back the red to the blue water whereas magenta filters do the same for the green water. Each model of the GoPro has various filters to use.

If you ask yourself what the best GoPro for scuba diving, you need to know …none. Not as long as you’re not helping the GoPro by following some steps to support its performances.

For instance, you may use video light(s) to add color and contrast into the underwater scenery. Some lights are very bright, but can only reach a few feet, so you use it only with standing out objects closer to the camera. And, of course, you need to get yourself some tray and handles for the housing of the lights. The lights attach to the end of the handles.

Final tips

Don’t forget about your knuckle when you’re using a GoPro, unless you’re using a tray and handles.

No matter how much you like a scenery, no GoPro is able to give a macro, but only a sharp image of 12 inches or further from the subject.

This might be the most important: always hold you GoPro steady. Shaking, vibration or any sharp movement doesn’t look good at all…Not even the most experienced sailor is able to take that kind of movement. So get as slow and smooth as you can when moving the GoPro.

Don’t worry about the quality of your movies…it gets better in time and time is what you need to develop a style. Don’t forget about all the accessories that you can give for the best performance of your GoPro and…give yourself some time!

Top 5 Best GoPro Accessories for Scuba Diving

1. PolarPro Red Filter Standard Housing Scuba Accessory

If you want better pictures when you go scuba diving, you need a red filter that makes all the difference in your images. The PolarPro Red Filter Standard Housing Scuba Accessory is a red filter that fits Hero4 and Hero3+, standard 40M Housing, Hero, Hero+, Hero + LCD.

The red filter gives professional color correction for blue and tropical water. The accessory is actually able to capture vibrant tropical colors from 10 to 80 feet deep and covers a 10ft. diameter range.

The red filter has a secure push-on design for easier and faster installation/removal. The filter doesn’t easily slide on/off but this is a good thing as it means it secures tightly on the camera. It mounts snugly and fits tightly to your camera. For best results, it’s better to install it underwater.

Don’t forget to take the black frame off before installing the red filter, as it won’t fit either wise.

The red filter is a must have for any scuba diver as it’s not only reliable for the quality of the colors, but also really easy to use.

As it comes to you in a small cloth drawstring bag, the red filter may be store securely for longer life span. Just as long as you don’t drop in on the floor…

The red filter comes with a Lifetime guarantee by PolarPro (US based support).

Let’s highlight the pros:

  • The red filter gives professional color correction for blue and tropical water
  • The filter fits many cameras
  • It’s rather easy to install the filter
  • The filter fits tightly on your camera and it’s very useful for the scuba divers

As it figures, there are also some cons related to the filter:

  • You only get the filter, not the casing
  • The red filter is made of glass which means you need to handle it carefully, especially if you are the clumsy type

All in all, when you want nice green and tropical waters on your camera, get a red filter efficient as this one. Your scuba diving would have a win with it!

2. ANGGO Adult Anti-Fog Dive Mask

Another great accessory for your GoPro when scuba diving is the ANGGO Adult Anti-Fog Dive Mask with GoPro mount.

The mask comes with a mount for action sport helmet camera GoPro Hero 2/3/3+/4/ and also the SJ4000 and SJ 5000 and SJ cam. The built in removable GoPro camera mount gives you the chance to get amazing videos when scuba diving.

The dive mask is actually versatile and the mount for the camera may be taken out to become a normal dive mask. The dive mask is comfortable to wear as is soft and made with 100% silicone skirt that gives a nice fit.

The dive mask features an Anti-fog film which means any fog appears on the inside lens with an exhalation from nose so you can see clearly when scuba diving.

The lenses of the dive mask are made with tempered glass and are 3.5mm thick which gives them enough power to undertake the pressure of water. Obviously enough, the lens is see-through.

You don’t have to worry about the dive mask being too small or too big as one size fits all and there’s help on that. The adjustable head straps and the high-grade soft silicon face skirt fir most face shapes and sizes. The ribbed design brings more support and gives better water-tight seal.

The dive mask comes with a protective case and 1 screw.

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The dive mask comes with built in removable GoPro camera mount
  • The dive mask is comfortable to wear and is easy to use
  • The Anti-fog film is a useful feature
  • One size fits all

There are some not-so-good things related to the dive mask so here are our cons:

  • Some mentioned some leaking on the mask
  • Some say the mask can’t go more than 10ft. deep

As it has a built-in removable GoPro mount, the dive mask is a great accessory to have when scuba diving, despite its flaws.

3. GoPro Dive Housing – 197 feet (60 meter) (GoPro OFFICIAL ACCESSORY)

if you want the real thing, get some help when shooting underwater, with the GoPro Dive Housing – 197 feet (60 meter) (GoPro OFFICIAL ACCESSORY).

The housing is compatible with Hero 4 Black, Hero 4 Silver, Hero 3+ and Hero 3. It has a strong built that is ready to take the deep sea diving and the extreme activities outdoors.

The housing takes the deep waters as it’s waterproof to 917’ (60m). The flat glass lens gives maximum image sharpness above and below water.

The set includes the dive housing, the housing lens cover, the standard and skeleton and the BacPac backdoors.

When we talk about the details, we have to mention the head strap that is adjustable, giving the perfect, comfortable fit but also the quick clip. The housing floats well and has a sturdy handle.

The housing is easy to set it up, to charge and to turn it on/off.

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The housing is compatible with various GoPro models: Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4 Silver and Black.
  • The housing is water proof up to 917’ depth
  • The housing comes with a comfortable, adjustable head strap
  • It’s easy to set it up, to charge and to use

As much as we like the housing, there are also some minor flaws to it:

  • The charging could be more efficient
  • Don’t ever lose the cable as you need do buy another one
  • The price isn’t the lowest out there

But, for the quality and the performance it gives to your GoPro, this accessory is one to have.

4. Diving Mask for GoPro Cameras by EX Foto

A nice, comfortable and reliable diving mask is the Diving Mask for GoPro Cameras Black by EX Foto.

 The silicone dive mask comes with a UV ray blocking tint which makes it efficient in some bright situations.

The dive mask has no plastic camera mount and you can easily attach your GoPro to the solid, strong stainless steel camera mount.

There are several features that recommend the dive mask for your scuba diving. Along the UV ray blocking, the dive mask features anti-glare multi-layer lens coating over optical Everclear glass which means clarity all the way. The Everclear glass from the GoMask Ironman are high quality optical lens with less impurities, less blockage of light and better underwater vision.

The diving mask has two straps, one is made of silicone and one is made of New Neoprene GoStrap. Both are comfortable and give the right fit.

You don’t have to worry too much about installing the mount, as the dive mask comes with stainless steel high torque CQR coin screw for attaching the GoPro camera and you simply tighten it with a Quarter.

The dive mask has a real frameless design, thanks to the direct bonding of the Black silicone skirt to the lens (made of tempered glass).

There is no hard plastic frame or sub frame to press the skirt against the glass lens to seal out the water. The lack of plastic also brings a wider angle of visibility. Let’s not forget the camera mount that is made with lost-wax casting process from 305 stainless steel.

Last but not least the Ironman has anti-glare/anti-UV coatings.

Let’s highlight the pros:

  • The dive mask is comfortable and easy to put on
  • The mounting for the GoPro is easy to do
  • The dive mask comes with 2 easy to use head straps
  • There are numerous features on the dive mask that makes it a great choice for scuba diving, when you want to use you GoPro

Some things are worth to mention as cons, though:

  • The googles feel too close to the face for some
  • The googles fog at times
  • The seal is not as tight as you’d hope

All in all, the dive mask is efficient when scuba diving and is a great accessory to get for your GoPro.

5. GOBUDi Action Camera Selfie Stick / Mount Pole

Now that you are underwater and have a GoPro, a selfie stick seems like the right tool to have. The GOBUDi Action Camera Selfie Stick / Mount Pole gives you from 16” to 27” for selfies, POV footage and works for close-up or static shots. The snap adjustment mechanism is fast and efficient, giving you the length you need in just a second.

The selfie stick is lightweight and compact as it has a collapsible aluminum body. The selfie stick is easy to use has it has a cork-rubber handle that gives a good, sturdy grip. The strap & secure mount clip gives steady, dynamic filming even underwater.

The built-in mounting tip and the wide adjustable wrist strap are the features that say so much about the stability provided by the pole.

The Gobudi is waterproof so you can use it care-free in fresh or salt water just as well. The selfie stick is a great choice not only when scuba diving, but also when hiking, snowboarding or more.

The selfie stick is compatible with All Action Camera models and remote. On a plus, you can attach Wi-Fi remote directly to the pole with the included strap.

Let’s get to the bottom of this and pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The selfie stick is made of aluminum with nice anodized finish
  • The selfie stick is lightweight, yet sturdy and ensure stability when using it
  • The selfie stick is extendable up to 27”
  • The pole is easy to use, has a good grip and is waterproof

Some things count on the cons side, so here they are:

  • The selfie stick is a bit short
  • Its waterproofness is questionable
  • There is no remote holder for the pole

As it comes with a 1-year warranty, the pole is reliable, easy to use and important to have on a scuba dive trip as it latches securely to your GoPro.


Best GoPro mount for scuba diving

A great, reliable mount for your GoPro when scuba diving, is the AXION(tm) Red Scuba Diving Mask w/ Integrated Mount for ALL GoPro Cameras & Color Correction Filter Kit.

The GoPro mount is for all GoPro cameras and comes also with a color correction filter kit. 

The GoPro is made of good quality materials and the integrated mount for your GoPro takes the worry of a good mounting kit away.

The mask is made of high quality silicone and has 4mm thick dual layer tempered glass. This gives you good clarity when scuba diving and the chance to get great pictures. The glass is rated for use down to 200ft.

The filter kit that comes along is compatible with the latest housings of the most popular GoPro cameras. The color-correction filter kit has also a Magenta filter for diving in shallow waters and a Yellow filter for your scuba diving at night. You also get 3 different shades of red filters, each of them for a specific depth. The depths are: 0-20 ft., 20-50ft. and more than 50ft. You just need to pay attention to the depth you are diving and change the red filter accordingly.

The kit also includes a neutral adapter so you simply slide over the waterproof housing of your GoPro and insert the filter you need for the type of water and depth you dive in.

You also get a mesh bag, thumb screw and cleaning cloth.

There are 5 colors to choose from and this is also convenient and nice.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The mask as an integrated mount for your GoPro, no matter the model
  • The mask is made of silicone and has 4mm thick dual layered tempered glass
  • The kit comes with color-correction filter and 3 different shades of red filters so that you get the best pictures
  • The mask is well made and durable

When it comes to the cons, we only mention that this is not just a mount for your GoPro, but a mask which makes it impossible to disassemble in case you only want the mount.

Despite this aspect, the mask with the GoPro mount is a great accessory to have when you scuba dive.


Best GoPro accessories for diving

The more accessories you want for your GoPro when scuba diving, the more you have to be willing to pay. Or, you can go the least expensive way and buy yourself a full set of accessories for your GoPro like the The Scuba Premium Accessories for GoPro Hero 4,3,2,1.

The Scuba Kit Edition contains so many accessories that let you not only explore as much as you want the tropical reefs, but also to record and take pictures of everything you see down below.

The head strap that comes in the kit can be worn directly on the head or with helmet and gives the right fit as it’s adjustable. It helps you get a head-lamp view point of your scuba experience.

The kit also contains a chest body strap which is also adjustable and gives you a full view in the mid-level.

The monopod for your GoPro with adapter is a hand-held Pole helps you get the difficult angle for a wider coverage.

The kit also contains floating device for your GoPro as bobber with strap and screw. As it’s bright yellow color, it’s easy to see it underwater and also has a good grip so you don’t drop it.

The 3-way adjustable pivot arm helps you with 3 directions to adjust so that your GoPro gets the best angle when shooting.

You can attach directly to the backdoor housing of your GoPro the backdoor angle floaty sponge, to gain safety when using light-weight GoPro accessories in water. This comes with adhesive tape.

The waterproof case fits GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 and protects the camera up to 197ft. depth.

The kit contains also 12 pieces’ anti-fog inserts that are made of high quality silica gel on cellulose fiber. The inserts keep fog and moisture away from your GoPro and may be used up to 5X.

When you go for some extreme activities, you can use the metal mount adapter that you can attach to the quick-release GoPro camera.

The kit comes with 2 vertical surface J-hook buckle so that you can attach your GoPro to a chest harness or adhesive helmet. There are also 2 thumb knobs which ensure a base for attaching our GoPro to a chest harness in a safe way.

Let’s not forget the wrist strap that keeps the camera safe flat against your wrist when you want to use it hands-free.

All the items are made of long lasting and sturdy materials.

You can store all of these items in the bag that comes along.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The kit contains many useful accessories for your GoPro when scuba diving
  • The items are made of durable materials
  • The accessories are easy to store in the bag that comes along
  • The accessories fit the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 cameras

As for the cons, there are also some to mention:

  • Some would have liked a better option for storage as the bag is not compact
  • Some think the cases is not entirely waterproof

Considering the big number of accessories, you get for your GoPro and the pretty good quality of them, this kit is a good and low priced kit to get for your scuba diving.


Best GoPro camera for scuba diving  


A GoPro that gives clear, great pictures when your scuba dive, is the GoPro HERO4 Silver.

The camera has a built-in touch display that is responsive and fast. You can easily control the camera, but also the shot-framing and playback.

The camera gives professional 1080p60 and 720p120 video with 12MP photos and up to 30 frames per second.

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support from GoPro App, Smart Remote and so on.

The built-in video trimming gives you the chance to be creative and save short video clips right from the camera.

The Protune with Super View gives cinema-quality capture and great manual control so that you get the best quality for your videos and photos.

The camera is waterproof to 131ft. and has a standard housing. It comes with skeleton and touch backdoors.

The curved adhesive mount and the flat adhesive mount are efficient for various situations. The quick release buckles are practical, just as the 3-way pivot arm is.

The camera comes with rechargeable battery and USB cable to easy download your work on your computer.

The auto low light mode, the highlight tag and the new setting for after dark are great features to use for your GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The camera gives great clarity pictures and videos
  • The camera is waterproof up to 131ft.
  • The GoPro Hero 4 Silver comes with many useful features
  • The camera has rechargeable battery and USB cable

As for the cons, we have some also:

  • The life battery is not very long
  • The camera could use a bigger SD card as the 16gbSD card is too small

Reliable, waterproof, responsive and giving great quality on your sound and pictures, the GoPro4 Silver is a reliable camera for any scuba diver.


Best GoPro filter for scuba diving

Even though it’s limited as it only fits GoPro Hero4, Hero + and Hero3+, the SANDMARC Aqua Filter for GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ is still a great set of filters for your GoPro when scuba diving.

The set contains five interchangeable filters for different depths and dominant colors. You get red, magenta and yellow filter set and great instructions on when to use each of them.

The yellow filter is for night diving whereas the magenta gives clarity on pictures for green water. The red filters are for the blue water. The depths are: 5-20ft. 20-50ft., and 50ft.+.

You also get the frame for swapping filters. The filters easily slide on/off and it doesn’t take long time to do it.

The set also comes with a tether and Micro Fiber Cloth for more protection.

Even though the filters are low priced, they are made of thick, durable plastic.

They come with an efficient carry system and are lightweight. They have a great design and are very easy to use.

The most important pros are:

  • The filters are for various depth and dominant colors
  • There are 5 filters
  • The filters are easily interchangeable
  • The filters are lightweight and easy to use

As for the cons, there are few to mention:

  • The string that comes along could be thicker
  • The lens need improvement on scratch resistance ability

All in all, for the money you pay, you get a good variety of reliable and efficient filters for your GoPro when scuba diving.


Best GoPro sticks (selfie sticks)/pole for scuba diving

Made of long lasting aluminum, the ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopole fits all GoPro cameras and is a great accessory to have not only when scuba diving, but also in all kinds of outdoor activities.

The aluminum GoPro mount and universal aluminum tripod mount give the stick strength and ability to take the heavy use. The pole is rugged and the standard size tripod mount fits all point and shoot cameras.

The telescoping GoPro Hero pole is compact and 14”-35” long, with 3 sections. The twist locking system is made of high-grade aluminum. It’s fully anodized aluminum so that the pole is waterproof and rust proof at the same time.

The pole has a comfortable and steady foam grip and comes with an adjustable wrist strap. You can take a selfie even when scuba diving.

The pole comes also with an aluminum wrench that is durable and tough.

The pole has a compact shape and is easy to travel with. The pole has easy and smooth retraction and has a good length. It has a strong build and is highly versatile.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The pole is made of anodized aluminum so it’s waterproof and rust proof
  • The mount fits any GoPro Hero camera
  • The pole is telescoping and has easy and smooth retraction
  • The pole has a rugged build and is strong and durable

As for the cons, there are some of those also:

  • Some observed some water getting into the pole
  • Some had incidents with the pole coming apart. This may be a defective product that it can be easily exchanged, though.

Durable, versatile and reliable, the stick is great accessory to have for your GoPro, no matter the model.