Best Dive Light for Your Next Underwater Adventure 2021

underwater lights reviewsScuba diving is fun and so very unique. You have a massive playground to explore and you never truly know what you’ll find once out in the open waters. However, are you well prepared? Do you have all the necessary pieces of equipment, including dive lights? Do you know which is the best dive light for the money? No? Well, ideally if you’re buying a new light you want a quality piece otherwise you’re wasting time and money on something that isn’t sufficient for your needs.

Remember, diving is supposed to be fun but if you don’t have the right equipment with you then it can become considerably dangerous. It does not matter whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner; unless you have a dive light that is dependable you cannot be one hundred percent safe when diving. Newcomers so often believe dive lights aren’t as important as diving suits but they are an additional necessity and one in which every diver must have. Would you really go diving in murky waters without a trusty light at your side? Of course not and in all honesty, it’s dangerous. Having the right equipment can make things easier for you and of course, it’s much safer. However, what is the right dive light to buy?

First and foremost, choosing between dive lights is difficult as you have many amazing choices to consider. That is why it’s advisable to consult dive light reviews. These are going to be very useful when it comes to finding quality items and while it can get a little overwhelming the decision can be much easier. A highly rated dive light is important and if you read on you can find many of the top rated lights available today.

The Top 5 Best Dive Light Reviews

The Blue Fire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2

One of the top dive lights available today has to be the Blue Fire 1100 Lumen Cree XM-L2.

This is not only from a trusted name but offers quality at every turn. The dive light sports a lovely and very bright yellow body color which helps to ensure you are easily spotted in water. Also, the price is considerably cheap considering what’s on offer.

The Blue Fire comes with a hand strap as well as an adjustable strap that allows the light to be attached to the forearm of the diver. Divers will find the light to be very practically designed in terms of its waterproof abilities; it can withstand up to eighty feet of water which is impressive. There are also three lighting modes available. You have two brightness modes to choose from and a strobe light setting also.

The Evolva Future Technology D02 Flashlight

This is a perfect underwater dive light. The Evolva D02 Flashlight is not only suitable for everyday use but if you wish to take pictures it comes with an easy-to-use mount so it can be placed on top of a camera. Divers will be impressed with how the finished design looks. The wide angle beam is a nice feature but it’s certainly a winner for when taking pictures under the waves.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t make a great everyday dive light because it does, having the ability to mount it onto a camera is a bonus. The four brightness settings are good and all work via a push-button for convenience; and there is also a rechargeable li-ion battery. Built from aluminum alloy, it’s a durable model and this was made to last as it offers an anti-corrosion finish. It can even last in one meters of diving which is spectacular.

The Goldengulf 1800LM LED 100M Dive Light

The Goldengulf 1800LM is also known as the ‘submarine light’ and it’s certainly a useful tool for beginners and experienced divers.

It has a good average-mid price which makes it affordable for most. The silver finish to the light is amazing attractive and there are five different lighting modes for you to choose from. The low, mid, high, strobe and SOS lighting are all very appealing and the SOS lighting feature is incredibly impressive as few dive lights offer this.  The quality is there and with the rechargeable battery, it adds something extra.

The Fandy-Fire Underwater Rechargeable Flashlight

This dive light is an impressive model. The Fandy-Fire Underwater Flashlight dive light is a little more pricy than previous lights but nothing too high nonetheless.

There are a variety of settings such as low light, high and fast lighting and there is also the fast strobe feature which is always a bonus. The LED lights don’t burn out quickly either which again is good. The light’s protective case is scratch free and the body is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy which comes with an anodized finish. The rechargeable batteries are a massive plus as you can save money not having to buy new batteries constantly.

The ELECLOVER 500 Lumen Scuba LED Dive Light

The ELECLOVER 500 Lumen is surprisingly versatile and looks impressive from all angles. This is of course water-proof and can last in up to eighty feet of water so you can dive deep with this little beauty. You can of course recharge the batteries when need to or if you would prefer you can use non-rechargeable batteries, depending on what you prefer. The LED light is extremely bright which is what you need underwater and you can feel much safer with the brighter light.

What Is The Best Dive Light For Spear-Fishing?

One of the very best dive lights for spear-fishing has to be the Scuba Choice mini LED Flashing light stick. This is quite unusual but it’s really nice indeed. You are going to love how simple it looks and while you may not be convinced it’ll do the job, it will!

The cost for this Scuba Choice model is really inexpensive so you’ll be very pleased indeed. However, its pure quality and it can reach a max depth of three hundred and thirty feed so that’s really impressive. If you plan to go to some serious depths then this is the one for you.

What Is The Best Dive Light For Photography?

If you love to take pictures of the scenery below the waves, there can be no better diving light than the Light and Motion Sola Dive light 800! This is a gorgeous and very expensive model to say the least but it really is a quality item. If you’re a true fan of underwater photography and want the best lighting when hitting the ocean floor this has to be the one.

The Sola Dive is quite compact but still very powerful and offers a dual beam setting. This is versatile for underwater use and photography. The batteries are also rechargeable so you don’t have to spend your time buying new ones. It’s lightweight and great for those constantly on the go.

The Best AA Dive Light?

If you are a fan of AA dive lights, the Princeton TEC AMP League LED Dive light will be the one you settle on. Now, this diving light is small, quite compact in fact, but it’s powerful and offers everything you need in a dive light and more. It comes with four AA batteries but it can last an astonishing fourteen hours when turned on which is amazing. You don’t often see such a lengthy burn time with diving lights but this one is really impressive to say the least. It’s of course waterproof until you hit one hundred meters and you have a range of colors to choose from also.

The Best Dive Light Brands?

Princeton TEC is one of the very best dive light brands available today and if you love the name, you’ll want the Sector 5 550 Lumens Light. Now, this is going to come with a high price tag however, you are going to get quality from it and its quite impressive also. There are three different colors to choose from; pink, black and yellow and comes with a massive twenty four hours of total usage time. The burn time alone is worth checking out and it’s got a nice trigger switch which makes it considerably easier to use underwater. Newcomers and experts are both going to appreciate the Princeton TEC.

What Is the Best Backup Dive Light?

If you are interested in having a backup dive light, you ideally want one which offers quality. The Tone-Life Backup CREE XM-LT6 U2 LED 1000lm waterproof light is great. This isn’t overly costly but it’s an excellent backup light to have just in case. It can handle deeper waters (at over one hundred meters) and the li-ion battery offers good burn time when on a low setting.

The Tone-Life might not offer hour upon hour of burn time but even still, it’s a good tool to have when your regular light fails. This is a real simple option but one which is most appreciated. Most will love the concept behind it.

Choosing the Best Cave Diving Backup Light

The Underwater Kinetics C8 Diving Light has to be amongst the very best cave diving backup lights available today. It not only looks good but handles extremely well. You do not have to be an expert to use this and the C8 model is very impressive from all angles. Beginners will love this tool and experts are going to adore this model.

However, the C8 from Underwater Kinetics will cost a little more. Having said that, the cost for the dive lights shows its quality and that is what’s so important. Yes, you part with a little extra money but if you like the model then why not? It can handle up to five hundred feet of water perfectly so those diving deep won’t have issues with the waterproof failing.

What Is The Best Affordable And Cheap Dive Light Available Today?

For those who do not have a lot of money to part with at the moment you may be best suited to the Bangood Professional waterproof underwater diving LED Night light. Now, you may not be struck on this at first glance but once you test it out, it’s going to prove useful. You could actually be surprised with what the light has to offer, so keep that in mind.

Divers can use this to go comfortably fifty meters deep without the waterproof feature being compromised. However, if you think it lacks on the diving front, listen to this; it can offer almost twenty five meters of light which is great. Divers need as much light as possible and this is the one you’ll enjoy most.

The Best Compact Dive Light?

Compact diving lights are just as important as the bigger ones, if not more so. Sometimes, it calls for a smaller device and the Intova IFL-WA-ZOOM aluminum compact video light is great. This has two purposes really; the first, it can be used when diving and secondly, it can be mounted onto a video camera to capture moments underwater. It is also waterproof up to 400 feet and battery powered also. The Intova is a fairly nice model for all divers and isn’t overly costly either.

The Best Canister Dive Light?

The Tone-Life 150m waterproof 3000 lumens diving canister light is a true inspiration. There is nothing here you will dislike and it can reach an impressive one hundred and fifty meters in terms of waterproof ability. Tone-Life is an excellent name and whether you’re just starting out or have been in the diving business for a long time, this is one you’ll appreciate. Not too expensive, it lands somewhere around the middle scale in terms of cost which is fairly good.

What Is The Best Dive Light For Murky Water?

The Intova ULTRA-III Large aluminum waterproof diving light certainly offers divers what they’ll need. This isn’t too pricy though, it still offers a lot of quality in many areas and it generally looks impressive. You get the extra bright five hundred lumens which can prove useful in murky waters.

If you do plan to head out to murky lakes anytime soon, the Intova must be the one to consider. It handles up to four hundred feet in terms of its waterproof abilities and requires batteries also. However, it’s versatile and powerful which is what you need.

What Is The Best Dive Light for GoPro?

The GoScope HALO is a beautifully created tool. This is perfect for experienced and pro divers. However, while it looks amazingly versatile, it isn’t too expensive which is a nice treat. You’d think with this type of tool, you would have to pay a lot more than you actually do which is always great.

The only drawback may be the fact that is offers a maximum of two hours of burn time. However, if you dive for short periods of time the Go-Scope should be fine. The beam distance is rather impressive which is ideal for pros.

What Is the Best Handheld Dive Light?

For those searching for the best handheld dive light, you may want to look at the Dive Rite BX-1. This is a lovely handheld model and it’s really nicely priced. It comes with CREE XM-L2 LED lighting which is a bonus and has a burn time of around two hours. The twist on design is great so that you don’t have to fiddle about the device too much in or out of water. The aluminum design is pure quality too.

The Best Dive Light LED Style?

The ESKY 500 lumen Cree LED dive light is a great option to consider. First of all, you are faced with a relatively small price which is amazing! Secondly, despite its small cost, you are getting good value for money which is always a plus point.

The LED light comes with three LED light modes including the strobe and two different brightness levels. However, you can take this up to eighty feet in depth and still find it to work perfectly. The aluminum alloy that has been used to create the over-coating for the light is remarkably strong. Reliable and good for any diver.

What Is the Best LED Canister Dive Light?

Blue-Fire is big name when it comes to diving lights and the 1200lm CREE XML-L2 Scuba diving LED light is one of the best canister lights available today. It’s not too big but not too small either and it’s really nicely priced too. You aren’t going to have to pay a lot of money for this which is always a bonus for divers.

The LED light is amazingly bright, (which is what every diver wants) and it’s compact. The size may make you take a step back but it’s actually high quality indeed, despite the overall size. It’s highly versatile and the battery is rechargeable.

The Best Mini Dive Light?

Sometimes it’s necessary to opt for a more compact style and the OXY LED Super Bright dive light is one of the top options to consider. This comes with rechargeable batteries which is a good option to have especially since batteries can be quite costly to buy. It’s affordable and comes with durable aluminum alloy so it’s hardwearing to say the least. Water resistant and versatile in many ways; the OXY is the one for experienced divers.

The Best Night Dive Light?

Those who plan to do a spot of night diving, they are going to need the very best model available today. Night diving is risky at the best of times and without adequate lighting it can soon turn into a nightmare. The KMD Aero red LED night diving light is one amazing option to think about adding to your collection. Reasonably priced and versatile, the KMD is a super choice.

What Is the Best Dive Photo Light?

The KNOG Action Video light has become a top quality option for those seeking extra lighting when filming underwater. As we all know, lighting under the ocean waves can be hampered and it’s necessary to use a device that offers lighting from all angles. The KNOG is able to offer that and more. It’s priced in the middle in terms of affordability and it’s quite smart in its overall design too.

What Is the Best Primary Dive Light?

The UK SL4 ELED L1 Dive light looks good and stands head and shoulders above the crowd. If you like this model you won’t be paying over the odds as it’s more sensibly priced. However, it does come with a high brightness mode which is great for divers underwater. The battery life is fairly decent as well.

The on/off switch is nice as it’s easy to use. The diving light is really strong and that is a real plus point in terms of diving. You need to know you have a piece of equipment that will last long and stay with you forever!

The Best Rechargeable Dive Light?

Goldengulf is a big name when it comes to diving equipment and they don’t let you down with their 4000lm CREE XM-L L2 LED diving magnetic control light. You get a battery and charger which means instead of buying new batteries when the old ones ware out, you recharge them. You can also see the quality of craftsmanship with the light too.

What Is The Best Dive Light Under $100?

You don’t want to spend a lot of money so you want to keep prices low but not so that you don’t get good quality at the very least. It is very much possible to buy the best dive light under 100. You may not think that is the case but it is and the UK SL4 ELED is a great option also. This comes in well under 100 but it’s super in its finished design and so versatile too. You are going to love how this diving light looks when you get it out to sea.

What Is The Best Dive Light Under $200?

The Big Blue Dive light is an amazing option for less or around $200! This is a great deal and one you will snap up easily too. The dive lights are high quality and it’s waterproof up to one hundred meters. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money then Big Blue can be a nice option to consider. Good quality and not overly pricey either.

What Will You Buy?

When you head out onto the open waves you need to know you have the best equipment. You don’t want to be stuck underwater with poor lighting because it can ruin your divining experience. However, if you know what the top diving lights are then you can find the best dive light in 2016 for your next diving adventure.